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Fairly Tale of Silk
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Fairy Tale of Silk
   Fairy tale of Silk and silk customs ( Written by Thomas Wu )
   Silk is originated in China. China is called kingdom of Silk.
   Cultivating of cocoon, threading of silk and Weaving of Silk, is one the four greatest inventions in ancient China, Which brings people pleasure, Beauty, and Happiness.
   In ancient China. Men is responsible for farming, and Women is responsible for weaving.
   Farming men and weaving women are the greatest feature of Chinese agriculture economy.
   Planting Mulberry trees and cultivating cocoons are the majority proportion of this kind of economy.
   Since cultivating of cocoons is so important. Certainly People would like more silk would be produced by cocoons and want to prevent harm to mulberry trees from illness and insects
   But at those times, that is out of people’s control.
   Then, In People minds, a God of cocoons were created to protect production of silk as well as people’s dependence of their spirits.
   Chapter one: Madame of Cocoon Nuozu Nuozu was originally a girl from A western country called Siling. Later, She married Yellow King ( One of earliest Chinese Kings ). People called her Madame of Cocoon, Because She originally taught people to cultivate cocoons and getting silk threading from cocoons. She was also called Mother of Cocoons. At that time, all the families raising cocoons would pry for her, Nuozu thus became one of the main Gods, who are well known everywhere.
   Since Yellow King defeated Chiyou, He united the tribes into a union. Yellow king was selected to be the King of the union of tribes. Then they start to planting, making of planting tools and clothes. The duty of making clothes were assigned to Nuozu, the No.1 queen of Yellow King.
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